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Music Show Milano

Guitars (and more) à go-go at the Milano Music Show

First held in 1992 under the SHG - Second Hand Guitars moniker, the Milano Music Show has now evolved into an exhibition-marketplace of new and secondhand musical instruments, drawing a crowd of professionals and enthusiasts alike to see, try out, listen to, buy and even sell guitars, drumkits and professional recording and lighting equipment.

For the 2018 edition the venue was the Palazzo del Ghiaccio/Frigoriferi Milanesi, a charming, historic Liberty former ice rink from 1923 that alone is worth the trip.

The opportunity to try out any instrument on display (the customary joyous cacophony generated by dozens of guitar and bass players putting strings and valves to test welcomed visitors upon entry) has long been the SHG-MS’s trademark, together with a flurry of clinics and demo sets by independent and endorsee artists showcasing their own skills and their gear’s features for the qualified crowd of visitors.

Expectations did not go unheeded, thanks to a rich program of sets to satisfy all tastes in an extremely enjoyable setting, that stood out for the lack of barriers, both physical and metaphorical, between audience and stage, that delivered a clublike live experience, intimate and addictive at the same time.

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