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Operation : Exploitation

Aggiornamento: 11 gen 2021

Geoff Tate celebrates the 30th anniversary from prog metal milestone “Operation: Mindcrime” release

Released May 3, 1988 Queensryche’s third studio effort represents one of the genre’s foremost examples, as testified by its reaching Platinum status in just three years.

30 years later, the ambitiuos opus still feels fresh, and last week’s rendition by a Geoff Tate in good shape and spirit rewarded the audience of enthusiasts from all age brackets that crowded Druso in Ranica (BG) to celebrathe the occasion with many moments of great listening pleasure.

This concept album must represent a cornerstone not only in prog metal, but also for Mr. Tate himself if, after his bitter split from Queensryche in 2012, he chose to call “Operation Mindcrime” his own new band, with which he keeps touring to perform both versions of the seminal record.

Supported on this gig by a band of fine European musicians, Tate performed OMC’s most important tracks, together with tracks from the previous albums (The Warning, 1984; Rage For Order, 1986) including the eponymous debut EP (1983), for a set that took the crowd back to prog metal’s infancy.

Sure enough, his vocal range doesn’t reach the peaks of the past, but Mr. Tate still manages to thrill and the audience appeared to enjoy itself, singing along on the most popular (and less challenging….) passages with great enthusiasm.

All in all, an evening of great music, superbly played with great emotion for much more than just an Operation Exploitation.


Neue Regel (Rage for Order 1986)

Screaming in Digital (Rage for Order 1986)

Operation Mindcrime *

Speak *

Spreading the Disease *

The Mission *

Take Hold of the Flame (The Warning 1984)

Before the Storm (The Warning 1984)

I Dream in Infra Red (Rage for Order 1986)

The Lady Wore Black (Queensryche 1983)

Walk in the Shadows (Rage for Order 1986)

Breaking the Silence *

I don’t Believe in Love *

Eyes of a Stranger *

Silent Lucidity (Empire 1990)

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